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    Dog Sneaks Out Of Kennel To Comfort Crying Puppies Every Night

    On a daily basis, we’re reminded of why we’re not worthy of living in the same world as animals. Unlike we humans, they’re not tainted with a nasty world full of vile. Instead, they work off their raw emotion and instinct. And what’s a dog to do when it hears fellow puppies in need? Help, […]

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    Great White Shark Tries To Eat Divers In Shark Cage (Video)

    I’m not going to sit here and debate the validity of attractions like aquariums and zoos, but they do serve a purpose – letting you get up close and personal with deadly animals. You know, with five foot glass separating you from obvious death. Somebody eventually came up with the idea of watching sharks in […]

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    Nikki Benz Joins Guy Hut As Featured Columnist

    When it comes to living legends, few rank higher than Nikki Benz as the Penthouse Pet of the Year is iconic in stature. And we’re not just talking adult entertainment – we’re talking about an international brand. She’s funny. She’s witty. She’s smart. She’s beautiful. Simple and plain, she’ll make your jaw hit the floor. […]