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    Madison Ivy Returns In First Brazzers Scene After Near Death

    Don’t call it a comeback!?

    It’s been two years since Madison Ivy was in front of the camera – at least officially – but that’s all coming to an end. That’s because the pint-sized porn star is back, making a triumphant return to the adult industry nearly two years after she almost lost her life in a horrific car accident.

    As you might recall, Ivy was severely injured in the wreck which resulted in multiple operations and back surgeries.

    It’s been an extremely long road to recovery for the Bay Area sports fan, but Brazzers announced that she will be starting in her first ZZ scene. Entitled ‘Return of Ivy’ – the first Madison Ivy scene since her injuries is expected to debut in a couple of days – July 23rd – to be exact.

    Madison Ivy teased some of the shoot during a recent live stream on Facebook as well.

    I'm back for trouble and here to make your penis cry for me 😈 #New #Scene #Brazzers

    A post shared by Madison Ivy's ONLY Official IG (@420madisonivy) on

    I’m probably going to jail for this, but a little insider trading tip – you should probably invest in Klennex stock. I have a feeling their sales are going to spike.

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    Sarah Russi – Guy Hut Interview

    If you’ve been browsing the internet or social media for more than five minutes, you’ve probably come across the mouth watering Sarah Russi. The beautiful Pittsburgh native has been dropping jaws from coast to coast with her sizzling shoots, many of which she’ll post to her Twitter account – which we highly recommend you follow.

    Even better? Sarah was awesome enough to sit down with us for one of our always popular Guy Hut interviews:

    Tell us a little about your podcast, ‘Beauty and the Beast’:

    I started it about a year ago because Vince Russo reached out to me about doing one of his podcasts. He has a bunch of different podcasts that he hosts on YouTube and PodcastOne, and he asked me if I wanted to do my own podcast. I interview people in the wrestling industry, and I really enjoy learning about these people and how they’ve gotten to be where they are.

    We know you’re a big reality TV fan – if you could be on any reality TV show, what would it be?

    I would love to be on a show where I can compete to date someone, Big Brother, or any show that can really show my personality.

    Continuing off that theme, what reality TV character/persona is your all-time favorite?

    I love the villain characters. Nobody watches reality tv to see people get along. The person who’s the most manipulative and funny is the best to watch.

    We know you enjoy to cook in your spare time – what’s your favorite dish to make?

    I really like to cook a tofu scramble for breakfast or anytime or the day, I think it really tastes better than eggs. I put roasted peppers and onions in it. I also like potato salad with vegan mayo, onions, and green olives.

    You’ve said you don’t wear bras very often – what’s the best thing about not wearing a bra?

    It just feels comfortable. If I’m going out to dinner or some kind of event, I’ll wear a bra. But I’m all about freeing the nipple.

    What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

    To never give up on my goals, because you never know what could happen. You’ll get absolutely no where if you quit.

    Name your favorite and least favorite parts of your body.

    My favorite part of my body is my vagina. I don’t know if I have a least favorite. It’s not good to be critical of yourself, so I try not to be.

    Any special hidden talents?

    I can fit my whole fist in my mouth.

    Tell us one thing people wouldn’t know/expect about you.

    People wouldn’t expect that I love to read.

    You’re stranded on an island and can take five things with you (and they’ll always work) – they are?

    My iPhone, debit card, cash, and a camera with a timer so I can give myself a photoshoot on the island.

    What is the most difficult thing about modeling? What’s the most fun?

    The most difficult thing for me is setting up shoots on my own when I travel, and I have no idea who they are or if they’re even going to show up. Deposits usually take care of that and I’ve been fortunate enough that I haven’t been in any dangerous situations. I plan it all myself. The most fun is being in front of the camera and seeing the end result.

    What do you feel is your best quality?

    I’m nice! I’m friendly towards everyone.

    Make sure to follow Sarah on Twitter, Patreon, OnlyFans and Facebook.

    And enjoy some of her goodies below:

    And don’t forget to check out some of our other interviews with beauties like Jesse Jane, Kendra Lust and more while you’re here.

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    Meet Lonzo Ball’s Girlfriend – Hot UC Riverside Soccer Star Denise Garcia

    While LaVar Ball was there to support his son on Thursday night during the 2017 NBA Draft, there was one person noticeably absent.

    Lonzo Ball’s girlfriend – UC Riverside soccer star Denise Garcia.

    Much has been made about Garcia and many were hoping to catch a glimpse of the Southern California jaw dropper.

    Sadly that wasn’t the case, but there’s plenty of eye candy on Denise Garcia’s Instagram:

    D$ is so baaack

    A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

    Prestigious and profound 🤑

    A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

    End of one chapter & on to the next ❤️

    A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

    Decided to take an adult vacay😛🌴

    A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

    There is plenty of smokeshow talent at Los Angeles Lakers games, but Lonzo Ball’s girlfriend will certainly stand out among the crowd.

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    Phil Jackson Fell Asleep During New York Knicks Draft Workouts

    Phil Jackson

    Just when you thought the New York Knicks situation couldn’t get any more crazy after the rumors of a Kristaps Porzingis trade, they do.

    That’s because an unnamed player in the 2017 NBA Draft says Phil Jackson was falling asleep during his workout with the New York Knicks.

    Per ESPN’s Jay Williams, via Steve Popper:

    Jackson quickly took to the airwaves on Wednesday night after rumors leaked of a potential Kristaps Porzingis trade to ‘calm the waters’ but I have a feeling that did little to change any opinion.

    As much time as Phil has been spending on some tropical islands in recent months, maybe he was just drifting off to a better place…

    I know Knicks fans wish they were there right now.

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    Woman Says Her Life Is Ruined After Her Public Sex Tape At Race Track Leaked

    Look, I’m not trying to bag on 22-year-old Marissa Sonkur, who said her life was ‘ruined’ after footage of her sex tape at a race track leaked to the internet. But if you’re going to have sex with your boyfriend in public, you kinda have to assume there’s a possibility of being caught – either in person or by a camera.

    Regardless, Marissa, who says she is ‘mortified’ over the sex tape recorded at the famed Kelso Racecourse is doing her best to get the full sex tape removed from the web.

    Friends have been telling local newspapers that all of her friends and most of her family have seen the sex tape, though she did her best to stop her mom from watching it.

    Everyone has seen it and her whole family know about the video, even her gran.

    She was totally gutted.

    She knows she was kind of in the wrong but this person should never have filmed it – it’s creepy.

    Why her mother would want to in the first place…but that’s a whole different argument.

    It could be worse. I mean, you could have been filmed having a threesome at the Calgary ‘Stampede’ Rodeo like Alexis Frulling:

    Meet Alexis Frulling – ‘Stampede’ Rodeo Video