Kim Kardashian Has Her Own Butt Freshener In Her Car

Kim Kardashian big

When you’re Kim Kardashian, you have everything. But secretly, you desire more. So what do you do? You make your own butt air freshener for your car.

Yep, the woman behind the whole ‘Kimoji’ movement has decided to take her famed backside and use it to create an air freshener for her car.

Kim took to Snapchat yesterday where she showed off her new ass air freshener which is hanging off the mirror of her luxury car – likely her Bentley.


If this picture wasn’t glorious enough, you can watch the Snapchat video below:

This comes from the same woman, who earlier in the day said she wanted to go to law school….yet does not have a college degree.1

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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