Miley Cyrus Once Tried To Hook Up With Hilary Duff

A few months back, the internet found a golden gem when they uncovered the fact that former Disney actress Hilary Duff was on Tinder. She has since quit, sadly, but that’s not going to stop fellow former Disney actress Miley Cyrus from shooting her shot. That’s because Miley Cyrus wants to hook up with Hilary Duff.

Cyrus took to her Instagram recently where she showed off Duff’s former Tinder profile and made a play on words in regards to Duff’s former Disney character, Lizzy McGuire:

Id swipe right fo sho #letsgetpizza

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Not going to lie, the idea of Miley Cyrus hooking up with Hilary Duff was a lot better about 8 years ago than it is now.

Formerly, they were two of the hottest 20-year-old’s in the industry. Now one is mildly crazy and may or may not be a walking STD while the other is still hot, but not as completely banging.

But man, if I had a hot tub time machine…

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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