Abi Ratchford Talks Sex And Her Love Of Foreplay

What Does Abigail Ratchford Like In Bed?

It seems just like yesterday when TMZ was all over the ‘More Bounce To The Ounce’ video and literally within a matter of days, Abi Ratchford went from relative unknown to viral celebrity.

In the time since, Abigail has become one of the most popular and searched names on not only Guy Hut, but on the internet and she has no plans of slowing down.

The Pennsylvania native sat down with Maxim Magazine recently where she talked about her future plans, how she became famous and her sex symbol status.

Since you’re now a sex symbol, let us ask you this: what should a man always do in bed?
I like a man who takes control in bed and isn’t afraid to take charge. Also, foreplay and lots of kissing is way better than rushing to the main event.

What should he never do in bed?
A man should never be timid or rush through the foreplay to get right into the main event. You need to let the excitement build up.

Quick in bed? With Abi Ratchford? I think that eliminates about 99.4 percent of the male population.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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