Abigail Ratchford Ferrari Video Broke The Internet

Abigail Ratchford Ferrari Video

You know what Abigail Ratchford is good at? Breaking the internet. The brunette model nearly shattered the interweb a year or so ago when her ‘More Bounce To The Ounce’ video was released by Live Rich Media and the two have done it again with the Abigail Ratchford Ferrari video.

So what’s the Abigail Ratchford Ferrari video all about? Well, pretty much everything it sounds like – Abi Ratchford and a nice car. Well, let me try that again.

Abi Ratchford wearing almost nothing and a nice car.

I like my cars like I like my lingerie , very expensive and can handle curves well 🍑 New fire by @liverichmedia📸 Glam by @jucieg & @princeangel1987 👸🏻 Lingerie by @themissap💄 Location/ car thanks to @tailopez ☀️ Stay tuned for more ; ) 🔑💫

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I have to admit, I’m probably always going to be partial to the infamous Abigail Ratchford car wash video (which you can watch right here) but this is pretty amazing.

Simply put, you can never have too much of a good thing and Abi is an extremely good thing.

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