Abigail Ratchford Literally Busting Out Of Her Shirt (Photo)

Abi Ratchford

We here at Guy Hut love us some Abigail Ratchford. And why wouldn’t we? She’s not only sweet, funny and smart, but she’s a total smoke show. Seriously, the girl couldn’t get any hotter if she tried – she’s at the pinnacle.

But she certainly gives it quite the effort, much like the below picture which features Abi Ratchford literally busting out of her shirt.

Okay, maybe not literally (at least not in the technical form) but I’m pretty sure that jean material is holding on for dear life as to not burst into a million little pieces of fabric. Seriously, those Abigail Ratchford boobs are about ready to destroy that shirt.

Up early, off to Santa Monica for the day for some beach fun ☀️🌴 #HappyTuesday 🎉😎

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