Bella Thorne In Trouble For Asking Fans To ‘F*** Her A**’ (Video)

Bella Thorne Gif

And just like that, we have a controversy, courtesy of Bella Thorne who just appeared on a Snapchat video asking you to ‘f*** her in the a**’. No seriously, that’s what she said.

The actress/author, who has been making the rounds at movie premiers in recent days was on a friends Snapchat account when she decided to seductively suggest he (or whomever was watching) ‘f*** her in the a**’.

Bella is a well known thirst trapper (not that we mind, of course) and is no stranger to stirring the pot, which this is assured to do.

Even more hilarious is the guy filming the Bella Thorne video says ‘this is on my public Snap’ to which the actress could seemingly care less.

Man, she must be an All-Star in bed.

Between that and this absurdly hot Bella Thorne GIF, I give up. She wins.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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