This Is Not Brett Favre’s Hot Daughter Brittany Favre (Photo)

I’m not going to lie – I completely forgot that Brett Favre had a daughter. Perhaps that’s because the most attention I’ve paid to the former Green Bay Packers quarterback is when he was busted for sending Jenn Sterger pictures of his man meat.

But now that Brett Favre is back in the news thanks to getting trolled by both Mia Khalfia and the aforementioned Jenn Sterger at the ESPY Awards, it seems that people are indeed remembering that the signal caller has a daughter.

There’s also been a picture floating around suggesting the woman below is Brett Favre’s daughter.

And as much as we’d like the report to be true, this is not Brittany Favre nor does the real Brittany Favre have the Coco Austin thing going on, like this young lady.

brittany favre brett farve daughter

That sure would have been nice if she was Brittany Favre though….

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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