Britney Spears Got A Huge Boob Job According To The Internet

I’m not going to lie, I have no idea if Britney Spears can still sing. Actually, I don’t have any clue if she could ever sing. But she certainly knows how to take a sexy selfie or two.

And that’s exactly what she did yesterday as the ‘Pieces of Me’ singer decided to upload a few pictures of herself while getting her fitness on.

But there was more to the photos than just Britt working out.

A lot more, in fact.

Perhaps it was just a very small sports bra, but many Instagram users couldn’t help but notice Britney Spears spilling out of her top, leading many to speculate she had got a boob job.


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Spears has been off work in recent weeks, but the fact she’s working out already seems to suggest there was no Britney Spears boob job but rather some high quality exercise clothing doing some magic.

Britney concludes her long-standing Las Vegas residency this December.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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