Charlotte McKinney’s Workout Video Will Give You Plenty Of Hand Exercise

I’m not sure why celebrities continue to post their workout videos for the world to see, but alas, they do.

I mean, you’d assume that if you saw one, you’d seen them all, right?

Well, not when it comes to Charlotte McKinney’s workouts.

That’s because Kate Upton’s body double makes some of the hottest workout videos you’ll ever come across, that don’t really so much focus on fitness as much as they do just showing of all her assets.

Huge assets, might I add.

Ankle weight workout with @charlottemckinney 🍑🔥🔥for longer videos link in bio 💪🏻save and tag friends so you can try later #workoutvideo #ankleweights #bootyworkout #booty #getfit #fitgirlsguide #instafit #instafitness #igfitness

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More curves than a mountain road.

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