The Internet Forced Christina Aguilera To Delete This Picture From Her Instagram

The internet can be a heartless, cold, mean place. Christina Aguilera found that out the hard way this past weekend when she decided to upload a ‘unique’ looking picture of herself.

The photo showed the pop singer looking a little different than most are accustom to seeing and it also appeared as if X-Tina had recently received some lip injections.

‘Fans’ of the singer were not feeling the picture and were quick to let ‘The Voice’ judge know their displeasure.

As for the Christina Aguilera picture in question, you can check that out below:

Filled with rather vile comments, Christina deleted the picture from her Instagram just an hour or so after she originally posted it.

It’s been a week for the Pittsburgh native, who also had some semi-nude photos released to the internet from a prior photo shoot.

Christina Aguilera Topless Pictures Leaked After Hack

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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