Christina Aguilera Topless Pictures Leaked After Hack

Was There An X-Tina iCloud Hacking?!

Okay, I’m not sure you could technically call this a hack. But there are some ‘vintage’ topless Christina Aguilera pictures making the rounds on the web.

While nobody knows who uploaded the pictures, they feature X-Tina during her ‘Dirrty’ days and show off the singer wearing little of nothing.

There’s of course the typical hand bra, because you can’t have a true hack without a hand bra photo. But there are a couple of Polaroids and behind the scene shots that show off a bit more.

These kind of pictures are of course pretty typical and standard at any type of fitting, though, they usually don’t see the light of day.

You can see the NSFW one after the jump

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Frank White

Written by Frank White

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