Student Gets College Girls To Flash Him During Class (Video)

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antibiotic azithromycin Did you ever (or have you ever) been sitting in class wondering what the girls next you would look like without their shirts on? Uh, yeah – me neither. What a creeper thing to do.

But if you did – then this guy is probably your hero. That’s because this unknown dude decided to take a piece of paper, scribble down a note and present it to the ladies.

And what did that note say exactly?

college student class

Of course, there is no way that was going to work, right?

Let’s check with the first girl:

college student class 2


What about the second college girl?

college student class 3

Three strikes and you’re out, right?

college student class 4

Looks like you better start walking back to the dugout, ol’ Jimmy.

Wait. Wait. WAIT!

college student class 5

Internet legend.

H/T Krazy College

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