Emma Watson Says She Browses Internet For Sex Tips

I don’t know what Emma Watson is like in bed, though, I’d like to find out. Apparently she’s pretty good, because the actress not only browses the internet for bedroom tips, but she’s also a member of OMGYES.

Now, oddly enough, I had to look up what OMGYES is as I had never heard of it. In short, it’s a website where members pay a monthly fee to be educated on how to make their sex life better.

Sounds interesting enough, especially given the fact Emma Watson is a member.

Emma made the admission on Wednesday as she spoke to feminist icon Gloria Steinem at a talk in London. During her on-stage interview at the Emmanuel Centre, Emma admitted she had been told about the website by a friend, which costs £40 to subscribe. The English actress, who is dating actor Roberto Aguire, said: ‘I wish it had been around longer. Definitely check it out. ‘It’s an expensive subscription but it’s worth it.’

From Harry Potter to OMGYES. Sounds about right.

Also, I’m not a Hollywood actor but I’d venture to guess £40 isn’t exactly the most pricey thing for somebody who makes Brinks trucks in the Harry Potter films. Come on, Emma.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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