Former WWE Diva Candice Michelle Makes Adult Movie Debut

Candice Michelle

It doesn’t appear as if Sunny is the only former WWE Diva to get down and dirty on camera. That’s because there is a Candice Michelle adult movie out there.

Michelle, who left the WWE after 2009, decided to try acting after life as wrestling and while it didn’t take off, she did make a few films you’ll probably enjoy watching.

Granted, you can’t see much other than a few kibbles and bits of skin – so don’t expect a money shot or something – but pretty hard to believe you’ll complain about Candice Michelle dropping her clothes to the floor.

If you want to watch the Candice Michelle movie, you won’t find the link here, but a quick search on Google might help you out.

And now that you’ve seen Candice Michelle naked, what other former (or even current) WWE Diva’s would you like to see star in a similar movie? Have to think there would be a lot of requests for Trish Stratus, though safe to say that one is never going to happen.

A man can dream though, right?

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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