Hot Girl Accidentally Posts Her Nudes During Facebook Update On Dead Grandpa

Woman Posts Naked Pictures During Facebook Update On Dead Grandfather

I don’t know if you’ve upgraded to iOS 10 yet, but if you haven’t, consider yourself lucky. It’s a bitch to use. Something this young woman found out the hard way after she attempted to post an emotional Facebook update on her dead Grandpa.

The girl took to Facebook where she let her friends and family know that her Grandfather had passed and I assume attempted to post some pictures of herself and her ‘pa together.

Only problem? The photos she picked were of herself naked.

And by photos, I mean six of them.

Yes, the woman posted six naked pictures of herself when trying to give a Facebook update on her dead grandpa.

How she didn’t check that before hand, I don’t know. And perhaps it wasn’t even an accident but rather an awesome troll job.


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Written by Frank White

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