Hot Nanny Has Exercise Pants Become See Through At Gym

Word to the wise – if you’re going to buy exercise clothing, not only do you need to make sure it fits properly, but you apparently also need to make sure it’s not see-through.

That’s something 27-year-old nanny Kimberly William forgot to do.

Williams had recently purchased a pair of PUMA leggings to wear at the gym, but she apparently didn’t give them the ol’ ‘booty test’ to see what they’d look like when they stretched out.

Needless to say, she was none too pleased when fellow members at the gym told her they could see it all hanging and banging while she was working out.

The 27-year-old nanny said: “Well firstly I was pretty annoyed off that I brought a new pair of gym tights that were completely see through.

“I have not worn them since they are pretty much just sitting in my draw. I am unable to return them also as they were a sale item.

“You would only expect this in cheap made leggings but wouldn’t have expected it from PUMA considering they are a sportswear company. Who would honestly want to buy them knowing you can see everything. No normal person would.”

Kimberly Williams took to PUMA’s Facebook account to share pictures of the wardrobe malfunction, though, there hasn’t been any word back yet from the athletic company.

You can see the uncensored picture after the jump:

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Written by Frank White

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