Hot Video Game Girl Accidentally Flashed Camera During Live Stream

So you’re playing an online video game with a group of friends when you get a random message from what is presumably a woman asking if she can join. Almost sounds too good to be true, right? You accept the request and not only is it a woman – it’s an absurdly hot girl. This can’t get any better, right? I mean, you might as well already buy your lotto ticket because you’re playing with house money.

Yet, it gets better. Well, maybe not so much for the girl, but for all those playing the video game with her? Most definitely.

That’s because the hot video game girl accidentally flashed the camera during the session.

For whatever reason, kaitwan13 (her social media has already been deactivated, you pervs) stood up as genietFAN was recording the session and she wasn’t wearing a shirt.

This of course happened just a day or so after Twitch user Legendary Lea was banned by the service after she accidentally showed her vajayjay (she claims it was her thigh) on the social media video sharing service.

For those wanting to see the video, click here. And make sure when you watch it for a second time, to watch the face of the dude on the right.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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