Irina Shayk Spills Out Of Her Shirt Re-Creating Demi Moore’s ‘Ghost’ Scene (Video)

The Sports Illustrated Model Might Have Just Broke The Internet

Shocking as it might sounds, it’s been almost three decades since the popular Demi Moore film ‘Ghost’ was released in theaters. Yet, the movie still continues to have a lasting impact on people.

That apparently includes model and actress Irina Shayk, who decided to remake the infamous clay pottery scene.

It was part of a promotion for Love Magazine, a promotion that nearly went a little haywire after Irina Shayk almost spilled out of her shirt during the filming of the re-creation. But being the pro that she is, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model kept everything where it was supposed to be. Barely.

The countdown begins to this year’s Advent, in celebration here’s @irinashayk by @philpoynter 🗓💥

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I don’t remember Demi Moore having that problem during ‘Ghost’, though, if she did I’m pretty sure the movie would have been even more popular than it was.

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