Jenna Jameson Blames Porn Stars For Killing August Ames

Jameson Says ‘Blood On Their Hands’ In Regards To August Ames’ Passing

The tragic death of August Ames has caused many to look in the mirror when it comes to bullying, something that most assume contributed to Ames’ passing after she reportedly died from self inflicted asphyxia.

The 23-year-old commit suicide just a day after an online exchange with users on Twitter, including fellow porn stars, who shamed the Canadian native for her reluctance to perform with ‘cross-over’ (males who have sex with both men and women) talent.

That included big name talent in the adult industry, talent that Jenna Jameson says has blood on their hands in what many on social media are deeming an ‘online bullying murder’.

The industry legend took to Twitter where she put those who shamed August Ames directly in her crosshairs.

Wicked Pictures actress and fellow industry legend, Jessica Drake, has been one of a few popular porn stars who’ve been accused of joining in on the ‘mob’ that attacked Ames in the day before her passing.

She released the following statement:

Jameson spoke to, where she stated she believes Drake and others ‘have blood on their hands’ in regards to August’s death.

“I am so disappointed in some of the people in the adult industry,” adding, “I am also shocked and dismayed at a few FEMALES that attacked and helped fan the fire against my friend August.”  Jameson is adamant, “Her blood is on their hands.”

Others who reportedly joined in on bullying campaign, like Jaxton Wheeler who suggested the 23-year-old kill herself with a ‘cyanide pill’, have been relatively quiet since August’s passing – releasing only a small statement and going private on social media.

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