This Is Why Jennifer Aniston’s Nips Were Always Hard In ‘Friends’

Clearly Rachel Green Had Magic Boobs

Some people watched ‘Friends’ because it was the best show on television for a decade. But most people watched the TV show because Jennifer Aniston’s nipples were always hard. Wait – that’s not why people watched it?! I don’t believe that…

Regardless, for years many have wondered why Jennifer Aniston’s (who played Rachel Green) always had hard nipples. Seriously, almost every show she was poking out of her shirt and was risking serious injuries to co-star’s like Joey, Chandler, Monica and Ross.

Did she cut holes in her bra? Did she even wear a bra? Did she have magic boobs?

Well, it appears as if the fine folks at Lad Bible had finally figured out why Jennifer Aniston always had hard nipples on ‘Friends’…

I Googled it, and found the most popular excuse was that Aniston simply had butch nipples. There were only two or three links entertaining the bra-cutting theory (and that it was the producers’ idea), which although promising, doesn’t rule it out entirely.

Now you’re probably wondering why everybody is talking about Jennifer Aniston’s boobs all of a sudden.

Well, this past weekend researches came out with a study as to why the human nipple becomes ‘erect’ which lead many to think about Aniston and her ever so famed character on ‘Friends’ who could poke an eye out every episode.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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