Jessica Simpson Giving A Lap Dance Is Internet Gold

Nothing Beats Jessica Simpson Bending Over In A Thong

Remember when Jessica Simpson dressed like one of the Duggar girls with Pappa Joe playing the background, making sure his daughter wasn’t thought of as a sex symbol?

Yeah, that worked for about 7 seconds.

Probably would have helped if Jessica Simpson didn’t have absurdly massive boobs, but still, she joined Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears as the early 2000 blonde bombshells.

And while all three aren’t in the public eye as often any longer, they still make the occasional appearance.

Case in point, here we have Jessica Simpson bending over in a thong.

I’m still a little perplexed how it bypassed the insane Instagram filter which bans people for posting a picture of a nostril, but I digress.

It’s still Jessica Simpson bent over and we’ll take that anyway we can get it.


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And apparently, Jessica doesn’t mind showing her booty off:

Kiss My Butt 36

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Not sure what Jessica was doing in the first picture – perhaps twerking or giving her husband, former NFL tight end Eric Johnson, a lap dance?

Either way, she’s starting to live up to her porn star name.

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