Juli Annee Licking Whipped Cream Off Lyna Perez’s Boobs

Nothing Like Some Snapchat Girl On Girl Action

If if feels like we’ve been seeing a lot of Instagram starlet Juli Annee in recent days, that’s because we have.

That’s partly because the model is at home recovering from her recent boob job with girlfriend Lyna Perez playing the role of naughty nurse.

Considering such, Julianne Kissinger had plenty of time to bless us with fantastic social media posts to her Instagram and Snapchat, much like the one below.

In fact, this might be the hottest Juli Annee video we’ve ever seen – which is saying something as the girl on girl action from before was pretty jaw dropping.

This video continues the whole lez-be-honest theme and features Juli Anne licking whipped cream off Lyna Perez’s boobs.



Sometimes I think I hate the internet, but then this happens and I love it again.

To watch the full video of Juli and Lyna licking whipped cream off their boobs, click the next page:

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