Juli Annee And Lyna Perez Had Some Naughty Fun In Las Vegas (Video)

Sin City Didn’t Get Its Name For No Reason…

Good news? Juli Annee and Lyna Perez went to Las Vegas and were tailed by the Sixty6 Magazine camera crew.

Better news? Juli Annee and Lyna Perez did what they always do – tease the holy ghost out of you.

The ladies, who’ve previously admitted they were in a relationship together, hit up The Strip for a photoshoot which nearly ended in an arrest.

Thankfully cooler heads prevailed in regards to the authorities, who let the girls go, but likely requested they leave The Strip due to the commotion they were causing. And it’s pretty to see why people were interested in checking out the shoot once you check out the teaser below:

Celebrating the lovely @lynaritaa shooting with us in Vegas 😍😍 how insane is she?! #sixty6mag #issue4 Edit by @alexanderjrae 🔥

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If some of that looks familar, that’s probably because it is.

The only thing that could have made that better would have been if Juli Annee (also known as Julianne Kissinger) and Lyna Perez decided to lick whipped cream off each others boobs.

Wait…that happened?!?!?

Juli Annee Licking Whipped Cream Off Lyna Perez’s Boobs

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