Kayla Kayden Nearly Dies In House Fire After Car Explodes In Garage

The Popular Porn Star Lost Her Home After A Fire

It’s been a rather terrifying week for Kayla Kayden as the porn star and cam model nearly died in a horrifying house fire.

Kayden took to social media where she showed off pictures of the house fire, which included the garage where her BMW apparently caught fire.

In recent months, there have been increased reports of BWM’s catching fire after their engine has been turned off, so one can only assume that was the likely culprit here.

Regardless, it had to be a terrifying experience especially given all the animals that Kayla Kayden owns. Thankfully she was able to rescue them all, though a few did sustain some injuries in the chaos.

Our best wishes and thoughts go out to Kayla Kayden, her twin sister Kendall Kayden and her family in this difficult time.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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