Khloe Terae Raps Cardi B While Dancing In Her Bikini (Video)

You know what is absolutely fantastic? Khloe Terae.

You know what’s absolutely, amazingly fantastic? Khloe Terae in a bikini.

And you know what is absurdly, amazingly, awesomely fantastic? Khloe Terae, in a bikini, rapping Cardi B’s verse from G-Eazy’s hit song ‘No Limit’.

That’s exactly what we have here, as our favorite hockey fan unleashed her MC skills and probably gave a few heart attacks in the process as she shook her groove thing in the process.

Also, I don’t know if it was the lighting or if she had rubbed some kind of oil on herself, but sweet Jesus in a cornfield that video needs to come with a drool warning.

When you’re doing slobbering all over yourself, check out a few more Khloe Terae pictures from her recent vacation:

Having a beautiful time relaxing and unwinding here in Thailand…🖤 📍 @twinpalmsphuket_official

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And while these aren’t from her vacation, they need to be posted because they are just way too hot.

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