Khloë Terae Topless In Sixty6 Magazine Might Break The Internet

Move over, Kim Kardashian. It’s time for Khloe Terae to break the internet.

Everybody’s favorite Canadian is back at it again, this time with Sixty6 Magazine assisting, looking all sorts of delicious in the process.

Khloe, Sixty6, Phillip Reardon and James Thompson of JZL have all been posting insanely hot pictures of Khloe’s recent shoots for the upcoming Sixty6 Magazine release (issue 4) and they certainly don’t disappoint.

Just look at these and pretend you aren’t drooling uncontrollably like you just got hit with a jolt of lighting.

Our girl has our heart racing! @khloe for issue 4! 🚀 🚀 Shot by @partylikejzl See more from our most anticipated issue to date!! PRE ORDER AVAILABLE NOW! #issue4 #sixty6mag #bikerchic #model

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Are you ready for the weekend?! I know I am 🖤 @sixty6mag Khloë by an @ohrangutang

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I mean, sweet Jesus in a corn field. Those need to come with a warning sticker.


Khloe’s stunning pictures will be in the upcoming Sixty6 Magazine release of Issue 4 which is currently available for pre-order.

And if for some crazy reason you need any additional motivation to pick it up (and if you do, you might be dead), some of Guy Hut’s other favorites like Juli Annee, Lyna Perez and more will be gracing the pages as well.

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