Khloë Terae Went For A Topless Bike Ride (Video)

khloe terae

How can you not love Khloë Terae? Ignoring the fact that she’s an absolute stunner, she’s really one of the nicest and most compassionate people you’ll ever meet.

And she really knows how to ride a bike apparently.

The Canadian native and uber hockey fan recently teamed up with famed videographer JZL who is known for producing some of the hottest content on social media.

And when you team him up with Khloë Terae? Yeah, it’s scorching hot.

I’m going to assume you probably need to pick your jaw up off the floor, but when you’re done, check out some more fire from  Khloë Terae’s Instagram.

You’re welcome.

S W I M G O O D 💦 Khloë for @skynmagazine Captured by @thisiseames Glam @arenout Swimwear

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Headed to Miami with the girls! 👙 Image by @jaimemortonhawley

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