Kim Kardashian Naked Covered In Glitter (Video)

Remember back in 2008 or so when Kim Kardashian naked was a thing? The internet couldn’t wait to see Kim Kardashian naked. Now, it’s kind of like going to the grocery store. It’s sort of exciting, mostly just because you’re hungry. But then you realize all the work you have to do, while attempting to avoid sneezing crumb-grinding children and the crazy stay-at-home mom who will literally race you to the check-out line which has 19 people in it.

Yeah, that’s essentially what it’s like to see Kim Kardashian naked now in 2017.

But hey, maybe that’s your thing. Maybe you like getting your feet run over by a 90-year-old woman who can’t see where she’s pushing her grocery cart. Maybe you enjoy trying to buy a box of condoms and having the checker get on the loud speaker for a price check.

If you do, then Kim Kardashian naked, covered in glitter, is for you.


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