Kylie Jenner Nip Slip Almost Breaks Snapchat

Kardashian’s Star Has A Wardrobe Malfunction

I’m going to be honest here – I’m not really sure if this is a true Kylie Jenner nip slip. But I do know the potential of a Kylie Jenner nip slip sent the internet into a frenzy and almost broke Snapchat.

Jenner, who is one of the most followed accounts on the social media platform, posted a photo of herself in a bikini – which is pretty normal for the youngest of the Kardashian crew.

But there was something a little different about this one and it might have involved some nipple.

Of course, there were also a ton of shadows in the rather grainy photo, so I’m going to suggest the Kylie Jenner nip slip was actually just poorly lighted.

You can make the decision for yourself by clicking here.

Just clean up your drool on the way out, please.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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