This Is The Shirt Lindsey Pelas Wore As A Sexy Bartender (Photo)

Lindsey Pelas Slow Mo Hula Hoop

If you happened to be in Louisiana a few years back, there’s a chance that Lindsey Pelas served you a drink as she was a bartender before she skyrocketed to fame on social media.

Actually, I don’t know if she was a bartender in Louisiana or Los Angeles. Either way, she posted a picture of a shirt she wore when she used to bartend and needless to say, the girl probably could have bought a third world country with the amount of tips she would have received.

Seriously – I feel like I should just order a shot now and give her the rest of the $20 dollar bill, because, goodness gracious, this is a sight to behold.

I used to bartend in this top. Got real pissy when I had to share tips. 😝 #nostalgia

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Pretty impressive, right?

It’s a wonder anybody actually was able to get out of the bar/reasturant on their own two feet considering I’m guessing most would have ordered anything and everything just to get some bartending service from Lindsey Pelas. I’d probably start eating a paper towel roll if they ran out of liquid courage.

Also, just because we’re talking about Lindsey Pelas pictures, have another, which is sure to brighten your day and make you wish you would have been able to get a drink from Lindsey during her bartending days.

"I never lie because I don't fear anyone. You only lie when you're afraid." – John Gotti 🚬

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