Lindsey Pelas Shows Off Her 11 Big Boob Problems

Big chests are great – well – other than for the woman who was ‘blessed’ with the attribute. No woman with a large chest will never deny the fact they’ve helped in some sort of fashion along the way, but those beautiful bags of fun aren’t exactly the easiest of things to tote around either. Knowing that, Cosmo brought in Lindsey Pelas who talked about her own big chest problems.

The model and Louisiana native sat down with Cosmopolitan Magazine where she revealed 11 of the most annoying, irritating and frustrating problems girls with big knockers encounter.

The concept for that video was solid, but the inclusion of Lindsey Pelas was downright perfection.

You’ll never go wrong with a video talking about that subject matter, but injecting Lindsey’s wonderful sense of humor, extremely solid acting skills, crafty wit and bubbly personality? Yeah, that’s an all-time favorite video right there.

Hopefully Cosmo turns this into a little series with Lindsey because they’re sitting on a gold mine here.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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