Mariah Carey Accused Of Sexual Harassment; Bodyguard Claims She Is A Pervert

Mariah Carey naked? Tell me more…

Just days after one of the pop singers best friends, Hollywood director Brett Ratner was accused of sexual assault by many leading ladies (including Olivia Munn), now it’s an alleged sexual harassment case against Mariah Carey.

That’s the word from TMZ, who reports Carey’s former bodyguard says the singer is not only racist, but claims she attempted to sexually assault him.

Michael Anello‘s lawyer has prepared a draft of a lawsuit, claiming his company worked for Mariah from June 2015 to May 2017 and got stiffed on the balance to the tune of $221,329.51. Anello claims he was promised another 2 years which would add $511,000 to the tab.

Anello says Mariah humiliated him and his colleague by referring to them as members of the hate groups.

Anello also claims Mariah “wanted to be surrounded with black guys, not white people.”

The draft lawsuit also makes allegations of sexual harassment, claiming she committed “sexual acts with the intent that they be viewed by Anello.” Anello claims during a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mariah asked him to come to her room to move some luggage and when he got there, she was wearing a see-through negligee that was open. He says he tried leaving but she insisted he move the luggage. He says he left the room and there was no physical contact.

I mean, Mariah Carey is without a doubt, a certified diva. But this one seems a little long in the tooth.

Also, anybody know where to send in an application for being her personal luggage assistant? Asking for a friend.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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