Meet Chloe Saxon And Her Incredible 30 GG Breasts

If you don’t know Chloe Saxon already, you’re about to soon enough. The former makeup artist turned model has been turning heads on social media and is more than happy to show off her incredible GG boobs.

Let’s get to know Chloe Saxon, in her own words below:

My name is Chloe Saxon, I’m 31. I’m super short, only 5 foot! Bust size 30 GG!

I started modelling by being a makeup artist many years ago. After a while photographers always asked me to do pictures, I then got signed by an agency and it went from there.

I love animals, especially my dogs. I’m really into my fitness too.

Unfortunately my dad disowned me when I started modelling. He comes from a very religious background so wasn’t too happy about it!

In my free time you’ll always find me in the gym or climbing hiking up a mountain with my Chihuahuas.

I recently did a music video in Miami which was amazing.

I’ve never been to New York. I’d love to go there soon.

My best feature are my GG boobs πŸ™‚

I tend to just do classes at the gym, I’m really into insanity at the moment. I love going weights in body pump

My secret to staying in shape is down to my diet. I’m a vegan and pretty much eat a 100% raw diet which you think sounds crazy but it’s really easy and I enjoy it so much

The advice I’d give is to be ruthless, focus on you and no one else.

When starting out, just make sure you are consistent and the work will eventually come to you.

I’d like to say thanks for the support! And if you’re a troll unfollow me now, thanks!

Follow me on Instagram @chloesaxon and don’t forget to follow King Publishing and Intrigue Agency as well.

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When your boobs eat your necklace #bigboobsproblems

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Blendin' in Choker- @bonnyluxe

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