Meet Dan Bilzerian’s New Hot Girlfriend Sofia Bevarly

Dan Bilzerian’s Girlfriend Is Another Smokeshow

When people say ‘Dan is the man’, they might be talking about somebody else they know named Dan. But deep down, they’re talking about Dan Bilzerian because the poker star continues to win at life.

The international playboy showed off some of his new lady friends on social media recently, including Dan Bilzerian’s new girlfriend – model Sofia Bevarly.

Needless to say, the internet was mighty impressed and understandably so.

Virgin Islands

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Now you’re probably wondering about Sofia Bevarly’s Instagram account, right? No worries – we’ve got you.

Considering us like the Batman of finding hot model’s social media profiles.

Looking like Lieutenant Dan

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Merica! 🇺🇸🗽#lovemycountrysomuchIdontneedtowaittillthe4th

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Loving this summer heat ☀️🌡

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We loved Vegas, and Vegas loved us right back 😘

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First picture being 20🎂

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I feel like we need to thank Dan Bilzerian with some form of a parade or something. I mean, he’s introduced us not only to Sofia Bevarly, but also Lindsey Pelas and in a round about way, Abi Ratchford.

It’s almost as if he’s some sort of hot chick god or something.

And we shall praise him for it.

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