Meet Juli Annee’s Hot Girlfriend – Lyna Perez

Assuming you’ve been a Guy Hut reader for a considerable amount of time, you probably remember Lyna Perez. We were quick to introduce the Miami-based stunner soon after she was featured by Live Rich Media and she quickly became a favorite of many.

I mean, after watching her struggle to put on booty shorts, how could you not love her?

Now she’s back and apparently, she’s the girlfriend of another Guy Hut favorite – Juli Annee.

Yes, that Julianne Kissinger.

The two set the internet ablaze a few weeks back when a video of Juli Anne licking whipped cream off Lyna Perez’s boobs hit the web.

She’s seemingly continuing the trend with her recent Instagram and Twitter offerings:

Who wants shotgun? 😜

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Who's sick? *Cough cough*💁🏼

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Frank White

Written by Frank White

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