This Is The World’s Sexiest Santa (Photo)

Watch The World’s Sexiest Santa And Her Perfect Butt Twerk To Jingle Bells

It’s been about 30-years since I sat on Santa’s lap, which I consider a good thing.

But that’s probably because most Santa’s I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, looked nothing like this.

Meet the world’s sexiest Santa – or maybe Mrs. Claus (and her insane butt) courtesy of World Star Hip Hop:

Her name? Sommer Ray. Her booty? Everybody loves.

She’s no stranger to us here at Guy Hut, as I’m sure you’re all aware:

The Best Job In The World Is Probably Oiling Sommer Ray’s Body (Video)

Though, I must admit, Juli.Annee has a pretty good case for being the sexiest Santa ever as well:

Juli Annee Flashes New Boob Job In Sexy Santa Costume

You can watch Sommer Ray twerk to a chopped and screwed Jingle Bells song after the jump:

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Frank White

Written by Frank White

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