Model Goes Viral For Breaking Her Shirt With Her Huge Boobs (Video)

Russian Model Has Hidden Talent Thanks To Her Boobs

I like to think that I have a lot of talents, though after today, I might need to reconsider. Mostly because none of my talents made me go viral on the internet, unlike this Russian model who can break her shirt with only her boobs.

Meet Samantha Lily and her 34J boobs which can destroy any shirt attempting to keep them concealed.

The model has went viral thanks to her ability to break her shirt using only her tits.

Per the Daily Mail:

A woman with 34J breasts has displayed an unusual talent – popping her shirt open by flexing her boobs.
Samanta Lily, 27, from Russia, showed off the bizarre skill in a video in which she opens a series of tops with her breasts.
The video was shared on the Facebook page Models Place, along with the caption: ‘She got some real power there.’

You’re probably expecting some video here, right?
Check them out after the jump:

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