Morgan Saylor Sex Tape: BJ Video Appears In ‘White Girl’ Movie

Oral Scene In Film Is Most Controversial Ever?

Remember that 11-year-old girl from HBO’s hit show ‘The Soprano’s”? The one who starred as a young Meadow? Yeah, well, now she’s 21-years-old and is best known for portraying Dana Brody on the Showtime series Homeland from season one to three.

That’s probably going to change after her role in the upcoming film ‘White Girl’ which features a Morgan Saylor sex tape in the movie.

Yeah, I know, sounds a little weird. But there’s a scene in the ‘White Girl’ film which features a naked Morgan Saylor performing a blowjob on her boss.

Vogue talked to both Morgan and ‘White Girl’ director Elizabeth Wood about the controversial film which includes over the top sex scenes.

White Girl is a wild ride, the exhilaration of the party and the bitterness of the hangover in one 88-minute package. I spoke to Wood about mining her own past, fielding scathing reviews—critics have called the film depraved—and working with Morgan Saylor on some of the most explicit sex scenes I’ve ever seen in a mainstream movie.

This of course isn’t the first time we’ve seen Morgan Saylor naked as the actress went nude during a few scenes in Homeland.

Still, that Morgan Saylor sex scene was nothing like thisor this

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