Nicki Minaj Flashed Her Kibbles And Bits In Tiny Robe

Rapper Does Her Best To Break Instagram

Looks like Instagram filters are going to be hard at work this holiday weekend as not only did Demi Lovato and Kate Hudson test the social media website with near naked pictures, but so did Nicki Minaj.

The rapper, who seemingly was either getting ready for a video or photo shoot, posted a picture of herself wearing nothing but a robe and panties.

Yes, that’s right. No bra. No shirt. No pants.

Minaj even went as far as to pose for the photo, sticking out her leg and showing off some major cleavage in the process.


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Of course, this is typical Nicki Minaj as she often posts some thirst trapping photos when she has a free moment.

Hopefully she’ll give us a few more…

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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