Nikki Benz Calls Out Brazzers For Alleged Rape Scene

Porn Star Blasts Brazzers For Bad Treatment Of Actors

When you think of Brazzers, you think of Nikki Benz. And you should, because our favorite Canadian is their official brand ambassador. But Benz, who is currently on vacation with Jesse Jane (you can read her Guy Hut articles here) recently unloaded some pretty damning shots at the adult production company which included poor treatment of the talent.

According to Nikki Benz, before she flew to Bali on her vacation, she took part in an extremely rough scene – one that she was not comfortable with being released.

That sentiment may not have been shared by Brazzers, which lead to Benz calling them out on Twitter.

Jesse chimed in with support as well:

Needless to say, it’s pretty alarming when two of the most popular women in the history of adult entertainment feel so strongly about something, especially one who was the Brazzers brand ambassador.

No means no, in any situation.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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