Phoenix Marie Did A Hilarious Reddit AMA And Here Are The Best Parts

Man, is it me or are the Reddit AMA (ask me anything) chats some of the best things on the internet, especially when they feature some of your favorite adult stars.

We’ve seen Asa Akira do a Reddit AMA. We’ve seen Kendra Lust and Gianna Michaels do one too. And who can forgot Riley Reid’s crazy naughty AMA.

Now it’s the turn of everybody’s favorite Kansas City Chiefs fan and porn icon Phoenix Marie, who certainly had one of the best AMA’s I’ve ever come across.

More than that, being the awesome lady that she is, Phoenix answered a butt-load (no pun inten…well maybe a little) of questions so nobody was left out.

Here are a few hilarious highlights from the Phoenix Marie Reddit AMA.

Not sure I’ll ever look at butter on toast the same way again.

You can read the entire AMA here.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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