Sommer Ray Hacked – Naked Pictures Soon To Be Leaked?

Instagram Model Sommer Ray Hack- Nude Pictures To Be Released?

Bad news? There was a Sommer Ray hack. Yep, the incredibly popular Instagram and fitness model apparently had her social media accounts broken into over the weekend, which included her Twitter account.

Worse news? That was possibly the worst hack in internet history.

That’s because they apparently just decided to delete all of her posts on Instagram. Yep, that’s it.

Most people assumed that some goodies would appear online after Sommer Ray was hacked, but they’d be wrong. At least for now.

So sorry, there are no naked Sommer Ray pictures. Well, at least not any that got leaked.

But on the plus side, it appears there are some nude Sommer Ray pictures out there – it’s just that they’re under lock and key.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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