Taylor Swift Boob Job – Before And After Pictures?

Did Taylor Swift Get A Boob Job?

Was there a Taylor Swift boob job at some point over the past few months? Well, depends on who you ask and what picture you look at.

There’s no denying that T-Swizzle looks a little bigger up top, especially after a recent set of 4th of July pictures hit the web featuring the pop singer in a flattering bikini.

That lead to many suggesting there was indeed a Taylor Swift boob job, though, I’m still undecided.

Here are the pictures in question that have many believing the Taylor Swift boob job rumors:

Well, she certainly looks a bit bustier than normal…

But then again, it could be nothing more than a swimsuit with a built in enhancer.

Still, the Taylor Swift breast enhancement rumors have been running rampant for quite some time and this certainly isn’t going to squash them.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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