Sexy Teacher Fired After Students Find Her Naughty Instagram

We all had that one hot teacher when we were in school, right? Sure, we might have had a few above average lookers during that tenure, but there was always one who stood out more than the others – and she generally seemed to appear in high school when your hormones were in full rage mode.

For junior high kids in Utah, they feel your pain.

Meet Mindi Jensen, who moonlighted as a body builder when she wasn’t in the classroom.

Jensen liked to show off her hard work on Instagram and did so under an assumed name so her students wouldn’t find her pictures.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work and the Mindi Jensen pictures were found much to the irritation of parents.

These kids found it and the parents were appalled by the pictures they called it immodest. They called it adult natures. They called the pictures inappropriate and these are my fitness and show pictures in my sport, in my uniform in my bodybuilding sport,” said Jensen.

I thought with my body being stronger maybe it would soak into my emotions, my heart and my brain and strengthen that so I started fitness,” said Jensen. “I get women, single woman, single mommas that message me, even on Instagram they will message me and tell me that what they read and what they see that I’m doing has inspired them to be healthier, has inspired them to leave a bad situation, to build strength.

We’re riding with Mindi here – leave the lady alone and let her teach.


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Frank White

Written by Frank White

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