Trisha Paytas Tried On Lingerie In Her $20 Million Dollar Mansion

What’s a girl to do when she’s just chilling in her $20 million dollar mansion? If she’s Trisha Paytas, it’s try on some lingerie and review some of her new favorite sex toys.

And that’s exactly what the Queen of YouTube decided to do.

The Trisha Paytas video is pushing 300,000 views in a matter of days – pretty impressive considering the content is restricted because YouTube apparently hates fun.


As if that wasn’t enough, Trisha decided to take a dip in the pool – completely naked, of course.

Even Jesus decided to join in on the festivities…..though no word on if he walked across the pool or swam.

Also, really would have appreciated if Jesus had told me before hand that making YouTube videos and reviewing sex toys would get you a $20 million dollar mansion, in comparison to blogging from my mom’s basement.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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