Watch ‘The Man Show’ Tribute Video In 4K With Hot Girls Bouncing On Trampolines (Video)

Yes That Is 1,000 Frames Per Second, Folks

It’s been about 13-years since ‘The Man Show’ featuring Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carola went off air, but the absurdly popular Comedy Central show is back. Well, sort of.

That’s because a new ‘The Man Show’ tribute video has been making its way around social media and it’s become quite popular.

That might have something to do with the fact it was shot in 4K and comes complete with scantily clad ladies bouncing on a trampoline in slow motion.

Dustin Farewell, who put ‘The Man Show’ tribute video together gave a quick synopsis on Vimeo:

Hello world! Here is the first DFVC Phantom Flex4K demo reel. Conceived, produced and directed 100% by DFVC and filmed on our Flex4K. Hit us up for any of your high speed needs. Please enjoy in 4K with some good speakers after you watch it on your phone while pooping.

As for all the T&A in the video, that comes courtesy of:

Alyssa Depue – @lyssss.xoxo
Dominique Fiacco – @dominiquefiacco
Iryna Ivanova – @playmateiryna
Kyra Transtrum – @kyratranstrum
Lynnie Marie – @misslynniemarie
Natalie Golba – @nataliegolba
Taylor Rae – @tayrae_16


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