Where To Watch The Leaked Chloe Khan Sex Tape

How To Watch The Leaked Chloe Mafia Sex Tape From Big Brother

What’s a girl to do when she wants a little more publicity? Create a sex tape. Or actually, just have sex on webcam for money.

And that’s exactly what Chloe Khan aka Chloe Mafia is doing.

You might recall Chloe Khan from a variety of internet stories, though few were more popular than Chloe Mafia playing tennis and I’m pretty sure you can figure out why:

Busty Chloe Mafia Playing Tennis Is A Must See (Video)

Now the model is back, getting naked on webcam and selling Skype sex shows.

I’m not sure if the Chloe Mafia sex tape was actually supposed to see the light of day, but somehow The Sun got their hands on the video which featured the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant completely nude.

But in a video obtained exclusively by The Sun Online, Chloe can be seen jostling her enhanced 32HH boobs while writhing around in front of a gold and cream chaise lounge.

In the clips, Chloe is seen still wearing the medical bandage from her recent nose job, which she claims was to repair a deviated septum.

Despite the unsightly dressing, Chloe still performs confidently for the camera in skimpy lingerie.

She can be heard egging on punters as she lies on her back while running her hands over her body and flicking her hair.

Below are a few pictures from the Chloe Khan sex tape:

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