Hot Girls Pinch Butt Of Texas Rangers Player (Video)

The Women Took Selfie Videos At The Angels Baseball Game

I’m not sure how these lovely ladies got seats right behind home plate, but there’s no denying they were having the time of their life. Not so much because they were baseball fanatics, but because they were within inches of professional athletes. And what do you do if you’re that close? Pinch their butt, apparently.

The girls were captured on TV during the Texas Rangers – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball game taking selfie videos which involved pinching the butt of a player – sort of.

And for their actual Instagram video…

⚾️🇺🇸👯 I spy trouble makers in the dugout! Reunited with the homies @kimlorin @mipmike #ilovecominghome #baseballseason #angelsbaseball #canttakeusanywhere

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I’m sure Elvis Andrus took some clubhouse heat after the game for not noticing that.

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