Jose Fernandez Dead: Coast Guard Officers Laughing During Press Conference

Miami Marlins Pitcher Killed In Boating Accident

Earlier today, former National League Rookie of the Year and Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez died in a tragic boating accident.

Members of the United States Coast Guard announced the passing of Fernandez, though are currently under fire after multiple officers were seen laughing before announcing Jose Fernandez’s passing.

Understandably, many became quite angry with the lack of professionalism on the part of the Coast Guard and immediately let their feelings be known on social media.

While we don’t know what was done or said to make the officers laugh, it’s simply not a good look to be playfully joking around and giggling when announcing a tragic death.

Jose Fernandez was one of multiple people who were found under a capsized boat on Sunday morning, which was said to have flipped about 30-feet in the air according to witnesses.

Fernandez’s Miami Marlins teammate, Dee Gordon could be seen earlier in the afternoon mourning the death of his friend at the Marlins memorial.

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